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Thermoplastic Pre-preg Sheet Materials MARUHACHI Corp.
A mold technology for high-cycle forming of thermoplastic CFRP Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute
Integrated manufacturing of products ranging from CFRTP raw materials to molded articles by utilizing the UD tape and the TAM molding method Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu Technical Support Center / Hamamatsu Society of CFRP Business R&D
Development of lightweight mold with release function used for CFRP curing Advanced Technology Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Materials for large structures for cost saving FUKUI FIBERTECH CO., LTD.
Highly thermal conductive carbon fiber composite NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co., Ltd.
Molding of motor core using magnetic material-added CFRP Hirose mold co., ltd
Heating and transfer device for thermoplastic CFRP which can be used with a general-purpose metal press machine Kindai University ・ e-Composites Group
CFRTP mold forming system IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation
Streamlining of heating process and shortening of processing time for CFRTP prepreg sheet materials NORITAKE CO., LIMITED
Increase of productivity/automation of CFRP high pressure vessel by Multiple Filament Winder MURATA MACHINERY, LTD. 
Technology for achieving mass production of thermosetting and thermoplastic CFRP in press molding The MOT Company Ltd.
A metal cladding tube with a hybrid structure SANKYO manufacturing co., Ltd.
Accelerating the CFRP molding cycle using an HP-RTM injection machine Polymer Engineering Co., Ltd.
Printing of carbon fiber composite with 3D printer FUDOW CO., LTD.
Infrared heater for thermoplastic resin SUNWA TRADING CORPORATION
Mechanical/hydraulic hybrid two-sided CFRTP molding machine Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation
TFP molding method allows any desired fiber orientation, high yield rate, reduction of molding time and mass production. TISM Co., Ltd.
Shortening of the molding time and improvement of the surface quality by adopting a CFRTP hybrid press molding die Suruga Engineering Inc.
Application of microwave process for CFRP forming, and development of CFRP using recycled carbon fiber National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Hybrid molding by fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin sheet and pellet Mie Prefecture Industrial Research Institute
Heating of a CFRTP sheet using a high-response IR heater ASANO LABORATORIES CO., LTD.
Development of molding process of composite materials having high productivity (continuous molding) through mass production and at low cost Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center (ICC)
High Cycle-RTM system KURIMOTO,LTD.
CFRTP molding method by resin coating technique Ishikawa Jyushi Co., Ltd.
Carbon fiber molding technology, metal die manufacture SANKO GOSEI LTD.
The wide range (speedup) molding speed of molding equipment and molding data logging KAWASAKI HYDROMECHANICS CORPORATION
Integrated production system for high-strength and high-quality CFRP products DENKENSHA Co., Ltd. 
Development of High-Speed Large-Product Press Molding Technology (the LFT-D method) Using Thermoplastic CFRP Nagoya University, National Composites Center Japan
Fluororesin release sheet for resin forming process NIHON POLYMER CO., LTD.
Weight reduction of structural parts such as used in vehicle MIE METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
Molding machine for CFRTP continuous fiber laminated plate KITAGAWA SEIKI CO., LTD.
Carbon-LFTD system KURIMOTO,LTD.
Water-based mold release agent with excellent secondary workability performance Neos Company Ltd.
C (G) FRTP hybrid (over injection) molding technology SATOH MACHINERY WORKS CO., Ltd
FRTP hybrid (over injection) molding machine equipped with high-speed heating and high speed conveying mechanism SATOH MACHINERY WORKS CO., Ltd
CFRTP and GFRTP are continuous-fiber thermoplastic materials in which carbon or glass fiber is completely impregnated with thermoplastic resin SUNWA TRADING CORPORATION
Technology utilizing carbon fiber composite materials Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute
Molding of thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic and manufacturing of metal mold Asano Co., Ltd.
Development of CFRTP wheels by stamping molding RAPIIT Co., Ltd.
Enhanced functionality of carbon and foam products by sandwich structure INOAC CORPORATION
Internal mold pressure and monitoring and control of molding process by pressure and/or temperature sensors Kistler Japan Co., Ltd.
System that performs rapid heating and rapid cooling by instantaneously switching the temperature of the medium circulating into the metal die between high and low temperature THERMOTEQ, Inc. (Manufucturer)  REIKEN, Inc. (Distributor)
Weaving technology and molding/processing technology for high-function fibers, such as carbon fiber Sakai Sangyo Co.,Ltd / Sakai Composites Corp.
Weight reduction of structural parts by thermoplastic resin composite materials Takagi Seiko Corporation
Building of infrastructure for the hydrogen society by using a type-4 (resin liner) 106 MPa compound vessel accumulator MARUHACHI Corp.
3D molding technology for CFRTP Gifu Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
Heating prior to CFRTP molding NGK INSULATORS, LTD
Development of a carbon fiber composite CFRP forming system for mass-production HIRATA PRECISION INDUSTRIAL JAPAN INC.
Dedicated heating device for hybrid injection molding of thermoplastic CFRP Kindai University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Development of CFRTP material by a high shear processing method which enables to produce high strength, high modulus and lightweight parts HSP Technologies Inc.