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New-type CFRP prepreg sheets (featured by thermosetting property, opened thin layer, normal temperature storage/world’s fastest hardening) SEIREN CO., LTD./KB SEIREN, LTD.
Thermoplastic Pre-preg Sheet Materials MARUHACHI Corp.
CF-SMC sheet cutting machine, cutting and accumulation machine Tokai Seiki Co., Ltd.
Integrated manufacturing of products ranging from CFRTP raw materials to molded articles by utilizing the UD tape and the TAM molding method Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu Technical Support Center / Hamamatsu Society of CFRP Business R&D
New thermoplastic carbon fiber strand rod KOMATSU MATERE Co., Ltd.
Isotropic CFRTP Stampable Sheet (CF / Thermoplastic Resin) Suncorona Oda Co., Ltd.
Development of new material using wet type jet mill SUGINO MACHINE LIMITED
Automatic laminating machine for CFRTP (thiermoplastic) preform (form cutting and laminating machine) IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation
Thermoplastic G/CFRP prepreg Porcher Industries Japan K.K.
Infrared heater for thermoplastic resin SUNWA TRADING CORPORATION
Resin welding by ultrasonic (resin impregnation for UD tape/continuous welding of CFRTP parts/UD tape lay-up) Adwelds Co., Ltd.
Simple automation of winding process in forming of deformed CFRP pipe TANAKA GIKEN CO., LTD.
Carbon fiber reinforced pultrusion product FUKUVI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
CF-SMC manufacturing machine ( name at our company: SMC impregnating machine) Tokai Seiki Co., Ltd.
Vibration and rigidity control for fiber-reinforced plastic by weaving method Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu Industrial Technical Assistance Center
2D & 3D Pre-form Materials (thermoplastic materials, thermoset materials) MARUHACHI Corp.
Carbon fiber composite material lay-up processing line Tsudakoma Corp.
A new thermoplastic carbon fiber tow tip KOMATSU MATERE Co., Ltd.
"Millefeuille Composite" sliced rigid foam core material Yoneshima Felt Co.,Ltd.
Reduction of running cost and increase of burning temperature by high efficiency carbon heater METRO DENKI KOGYO CO., LTD. 
Low cost thin-ply carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepreg Mitsuya Co.,Ltd.
Air-flow Single Tow or Multi Tow Spreading Machine. Spread Tow Weaving Machine. HARMONI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.
In-situ polymerization thermoplastic prepreg NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co., Ltd.
Carbon Fiber Composite Materials for Mold Injection Using Environment-Friendly Recycled Carbon Fibers SAKUMA SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD.
Strength increase, weight reduction, and molding time shortening using carbon fiber opened yarn prepreg impregnated with thermoplastic resin SAKAI OVEX Co., Ltd. 
Improving production efficiency for isotropic matrix by automatic lamination of thermoplastic prepreg IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation
Commingled Yarn and Tape to enable various textile TP composites Kajirene Inc.
Efficient mixing and deaeration of resin used for CFRP base materials SUGINO MACHINE LIMITED
New thermoplastic carbon fiber TOW UD KOMATSU MATERE Co., Ltd.
Molding machine for CFRTP continuous fiber laminated plate KITAGAWA SEIKI CO., LTD.
Development of CFRTP tape lamination machine with its effective laminating method Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) recycling, recycled carbon fiber product manufacturing Carbon Fiber Recycle Industry Co., Ltd.
CFRTP and GFRTP are continuous-fiber thermoplastic materials in which carbon or glass fiber is completely impregnated with thermoplastic resin SUNWA TRADING CORPORATION
CF-PP (polypropylen) fiber-reinforced UD tape/sheet Mitsui Chemicals, INC.
Thermosetting Pre-preg Sheets MARUHACHI Corp.
Manufacturing technology for CFRTP stampable sheet by using extrusion lamination method Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
3D molding technologies for thermoplastic CFRP laminates Gifu Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
Enhanced functionality of carbon and foam products by sandwich structure INOAC CORPORATION
Reduction in the manufacturing cost and improvement of three-dimensional moldability by using the textile base material of the composite yarn of carbon fiber and resin reduces Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing technology of CFRTP using fabric as base material Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology, Mikawa Textile Research Center
Hybrid Double Layer Woven Fabrics for Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials                    (Hybrid Double Layer Woven Fabric) AYAHA CORPORATION
CF chopped tape sheet for RTM pre-forming TEC ONE CO., LTD.
Axial UD prepreg roll production system Tsudakoma Corp.
Development of thermoplastic CFRP sandwich panel Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
Metal replacement and weight reduction by Reny tape: continuous fiber-reinforced special polyamide Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics Corporation
Flexible cutting and processing of CFRP plate and rod KYOWA MANUFACTURING INC.
Highly efficient molding employing roll forming for thermoplastic CFRP material DAIDO KOGYO CO., LTD.
Spreading non-crimp fabric (Spreading NCF) SHINDO Co., Ltd.
Thermoplastic carbon fiber mesh material NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co., Ltd.
Development of thermoplastic CFRP sheets and development of their applications Ichimura Sangyo Co., Ltd.
New thermoplastic carbon fiber sheet KOMATSU MATERE Co., Ltd.