Ichimura Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Intermediate Products Development of thermoplastic CFRP sheets and development of their applications

Technical Classification:
[ Intermediate Products ]
[ Products / Processed Products ]
[ stampable molding ] [ Thermoplastic CFRP ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

・ A carbon fiber reinforced sheet can be molded at a short takt time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes
      (10 minutes to 24 hours with conventional thermosetting CFRP)
・ Proposing the thermoplastic resin optimal for the product requirements, and supplying it for testing
      (high strength/high impact: PA6; high heat resistance: PPS, design/appearance: PMMA, PC, etc.)


■ Productivity improvement (compared with metal/thermosetting)  
■ Cost reduction (compared with metal/thermosetting)
■ Weight reduction (compared with metal)

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage
Commercialization Completed (already delivered: yes)
Intellectual Property Right
Joint Researchers (their role)
1. Toray Industries Inc.: human support, technical support, customer referral, etc.
2. Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa:
performance test, etc.
3. Molding manufacturers: development of thermoplastic CFRP molding method
  (Ishikawa Prefecture Press Industry Association, in particular)
4. Equipment manufacturers: linkage with thermoplastic CFRP molding equipment
Example of Application
・ Parts for sports and leisure (under development)
・ Automobile parts (under development)
Technical Problems
・ Technical task: Achieving high strength and high rigidity by improving resin impregnation into carbon fiber without increasing the material cost and manufacturing cost
・ Constraints and conditions: All material formulas and manufacturing methods must be kept confidential (ICHIMURA SANGYO CO., LTD.’s technology)
・ Business plan: Already started supply for testing to domestic companies, universities and research institutes for fee. Aims at conversion from demand for test use to commercialization.
Collaborator needed to Improve
・ Molding manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, end users, universities and research institutes
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Personnel / Department
Advanced Material Development & Manufacturing Dept. / Director General Manager, Hirotaka Kawamura
5-20 Minamicho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Pref. 920-8633, Japan
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Outline of Company and Organization

530-6118 18F Nakanoshimma Bldg. 3-3-23, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka 530-6118, Japan
Capital / No. of Employees
1,000,000,000 yen / 128 employees
Product Line
Synthetic fabric, carbon fiber related materials, EPS moldings
Major Customers
TORAY, Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd., Komatsu Seiren
Overseas Base(s)
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Update date: 2020/1/31

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