Seeds of Keyword "Thermoplastic CFRP"

Theme Company/Organization Name
3D molding technologies for thermoplastic CFRP laminates Gifu Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
A mold technology for high-cycle forming of thermoplastic CFRP Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute
Cutting of thermoplastic CFRP using the ultrasonic cutter SONOTEC Co., Ltd.
Development of High-Speed Large-Product Press Molding Technology (the LFT-D method) Using Thermoplastic CFRP Nagoya University, National Composites Center Japan
Development of molding process of composite materials having high productivity (continuous molding) through mass production and at low cost Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center (ICC)
Development of thermoplastic CFRP sandwich panel Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
Development of thermoplastic CFRP sheets and development of their applications Ichimura Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Technology utilizing carbon fiber composite materials Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute