Intermediate Products Strength increase, weight reduction, and molding time shortening using carbon fiber opened yarn prepreg impregnated with thermoplastic resin

Technical Classification:
[ Intermediate Products ]
[ Products / Processed Products ]
[ 3D printing ] [ carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastics ] [ Carbon fibers ] [ CFRTP ] [ high-speed molding ] [ opening ] [ tape ] [ weight reduction ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

・Various intermediate molding materials were developed by the opening technology for thinly spreading carbon fiber tows as a coretechnology.
・Fabrics using opened carbon fibers and materials molded by using UD have small crimps and high strength properties.
・We propose "OVEX fabric," which is an intermediate molding material with “thickness and weight” reduced to 1/2 or less of the conventional material and "OVEX prepreg," which is an intermediate molding material made by impregnating UD with thermoplastic resin.


Shortened cycle: 3 hours → severalminutes to tens of minutes
Weight reduction: (thickness 1/2 or less ofthe conventional material)
Higher strength/higher rigidity

Conventional Technology

・The 1 layer has the thickness of about 0.1 to 0.2 mm, and thus its degree of freedom in material design is low.

New Technology

・Opened carbon fibers have the 1 layer with the thickness of 0.02 to 0.1 mm, and thus their degrees of freedom in material design are high and it is possible to introduce material design for further weight reduction.

・Thin-layer prepreg tapes using various resins (PA12, PA6, PC, PPS, and PEEK) can be provided.

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage
Development Stage (to be completed in 0/0; progress: 80%)
Intellectual Property Right
Joint Researchers (their role)
Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Example of Application
・Automobile parts
・Structural members for aircrafts
・Industrial machinery related parts
Technical Problems
・Establishing a molding technology
・Improving quality and mass production technology
Collaborator needed to Improve
・Companies/universities/research organizations having molding and processing facilities for CFRTP prepreg
・Thermoplastic resin manufacturers
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Personnel / Department
Technical Center, Advanced Composite Materials Group / Leader, Hiroki Kono
20-16 Nishitanaka, Nyugunechizencho, Fukui, 916-0141 Japan
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Outline of Company and Organization

2-15-1 Hanandoh Naka, Fukui-shi, Fukui, 918-8530 Japan
Capital / No. of Employees
4,655,040,000 yen / 506 employees
Product Line
Fiber related products
Major Customers
Overseas Base(s)
ISO9001, ISO14001
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Update date: 2020/1/31

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