Seeds of Keyword "CFRTP"

Theme Company/Organization Name
3D molding technology for CFRTP Gifu Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
CF-PP (polypropylen) fiber-reinforced UD tape/sheet Mitsui Chemicals, INC.
CFRTP and GFRTP are continuous-fiber thermoplastic materials in which carbon or glass fiber is completely impregnated with thermoplastic resin SUNWA TRADING CORPORATION
CFRTP molding method by resin coating technique Ishikawa Jyushi Co., Ltd.
Commingled Yarn and Tape to enable various textile TP composites Kajirene Inc.
Development of CFRTP material by a high shear processing method which enables to produce high strength, high modulus and lightweight parts HSP Technologies Inc.
Drilling technique for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
Fastening and joining device for thermoplastic CFRP rivet using the servo press unit Dai-ichi Dentsu Ltd.
Manufacturing technology for CFRTP stampable sheet by using extrusion lamination method Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
Manufacturing technology of CFRTP using fabric as base material Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology, Mikawa Textile Research Center
Molding of thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic and manufacturing of metal mold Asano Co., Ltd.
Reduction in the manufacturing cost and improvement of three-dimensional moldability by using the textile base material of the composite yarn of carbon fiber and resin reduces Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.
Resin welding by ultrasonic (resin impregnation for UD tape/continuous welding of CFRTP parts/UD tape lay-up) Adwelds Co., Ltd.
Semiaromatic polyamide resin for CFRTP matrix (PA9T) KURARAY CO., LTD.
Strength increase, weight reduction, and molding time shortening using carbon fiber opened yarn prepreg impregnated with thermoplastic resin SAKAI OVEX Co., Ltd. 
Support of trial manufacturing of prepreg using a small amount of newly developed resin (including manufacturing of specimen) WIT Co., Ltd.
TFP molding method allows any desired fiber orientation, high yield rate, reduction of molding time and mass production. TISM Co., Ltd.