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Drilling technique for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
High-accuracy processing by water jet processing machine SUZUKI KOGYO Co. Ltd.
Cutting of thermoplastic CFRP using the ultrasonic cutter SONOTEC Co., Ltd.
Development of thermoplastic CFRP cutting tool Gifu Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
Pneumatic drilling unit for composite materials such as CFRP SUGINO MACHINE LIMITED
High-quality and long-life processing of CFRP by crystal diamond coated fiber mill NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.CORP
Development of molding process of composite materials having high productivity (continuous molding) through mass production and at low cost Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center (ICC)
Development of a drill with a cutting edge optimally shaped for the drilling of a laminated sheet of CFRP and Ti alloy SANDVIK K.K. COROMANT COMPANY
Extension of life of CFRP hole-processing drill by crystal diamond coating NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.CORP
Water-based mold release agent with excellent secondary workability performance Neos Company Ltd.
CFRP mass processing and cutting technology by blasting Advanced Technology Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Difficult-to-cut materials applying water jet technology SUGINO MACHINE LIMITED
Grinding tool "Grit Ace" (Change from cutting to grinding to realize high-quality with high-efficiency processing, and reduce the cost) NORITAKE CO., LIMITED
Robotics and control system for cutting the fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite used in the aircraft and automotive industries Mechatro Associates Co., Ltd.
Flexible cutting and processing of CFRP plate and rod KYOWA MANUFACTURING INC.
Optimization of cutting conditions by evaluating CFRP cutting Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu Industrial Technical Assistance Center