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Processing CFRP mass processing and cutting technology by blasting

Technical Classification:
[ Processing ]
[ Service ]
[ blasting ] [ CFRP ] [ perforated plate ] [ small diameter hole processing ] [ sound absorbing panel ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

・It is possible to drill a large amount of small diameter holes in CFRP at a low cost by blasting
・Separation, which often occurs in CFRP hole processing, does not happen at all. Also able to drill irregular shapes such as triangles, squares, and stars
・Able to simultaneously perform material cutting during hole drilling
・Able to create CFRP sound absorbing panels with a performance that is equal to or higher than that of aluminum when using the technology above.


・Compared to the conventional processing methods (drilling, AWJ, etc.), → the processing cost is reduced to 2/3 to 1/2 and no delamination occurs.
・Odd-shaped holes can be made, which cannot be made by the conventional processing methods.

Conventional Technology

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage
Development Stage (to be completed in 2017/10; progress: 80%)
Intellectual Property Right
Joint Researchers (their role)
Elfotec (Development and provision of equipment)
Yashima Corporation (Adhesive processing of honeycomb-panels)
Corporation A. (Development of new equipment)
Example of Application
Sound absorbing panel of aircraft jet engines, CFRP filter, application to the field of fuel cells
Technical Problems
・Assessment of strength for CFRP parts processed by blast
・Hole of a thick plate cause a tapered cross section.
・Mask material is required.
・In the future, assessment of the sound performance of sound absorbing panel made by using blasted perforated plate is conducted for development in the aviation industries.
Collaborator needed to Improve
・Venders of devices for mass production
・Aircraft and engine parts makers
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/ President, Hitoshi Fukagawa
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Update date: 2020/1/30

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