Seeds of Keyword "CFRP"

Theme Company/Organization Name
"Millefeuille Composite" sliced rigid foam core material Yoneshima Felt Co.,Ltd.
Carbon-LFTD system KURIMOTO,LTD.
CFRP mass processing and cutting technology by blasting Advanced Technology Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Development of lightweight mold with release function used for CFRP curing Advanced Technology Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Enhanced functionality of carbon and foam products by sandwich structure INOAC CORPORATION
High Cycle-RTM system KURIMOTO,LTD.
Integrated production system for high-strength and high-quality CFRP products DENKENSHA Co., Ltd. 
New-type CFRP prepreg sheets (featured by thermosetting property, opened thin layer, normal temperature storage/world’s fastest hardening) SEIREN CO., LTD./KB SEIREN, LTD.
Pneumatic drilling unit for composite materials such as CFRP SUGINO MACHINE LIMITED
Support of trial manufacturing of prepreg using a small amount of newly developed resin (including manufacturing of specimen) WIT Co., Ltd.
TFP molding method allows any desired fiber orientation, high yield rate, reduction of molding time and mass production. TISM Co., Ltd.
Water-based mold release agent with excellent secondary workability performance Neos Company Ltd.