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Technical Classification:
[ Raw Materials ] [ Intermediate Products ]
[ Products / Processed Products ] [ Service ]
[ advanced composite materials ] [ AFP ] [ ATL ] [ broad width ] [ high rigidity ] [ high strength ] [ lightweight ] [ partial reinforcement ] [ pre-preg sheets ] [ Thermoplastic resin ] [ thermoset resin ] [ thin layer ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

1) Thermoplastic pre-preg materials (Viro)
[1] UD (unidirectional) pre-preg sheets
[2] Cloth materials pre-preg


[1] Thin layer pre-preg materials with high physical property and high functions using base material manufacturing technologies
[2] High functional pre-preg materials using resin compounding technologies
[3] Provision of tailored pre-pregs according to customer specifications
[4] Response to proper-amount production in line with customerdemands

New Technology

Raw materials in use: carbon fibers, glass fibers, aramid fibers, and other high-strength fibers.
            Epoxy resin, phenol resin, and others
            Functional pre-preg materials/light shielding materials, flame-retardant materials, non-combustible matters, etc. based on the resin compounding technology
Width:         1,000 mm (at the time of mass production), 300 mm (the minimum width corresponding to test production)
Thickness:       Minimum: 0.04 mm; maximum: 0.35 mm (performance-based); Thickness level can be adjusted.Surface smoothness: High surface smoothness has made possible the application to processes such as ATL/AFP.
Mechanical properties: High performance to realize the strength of theoretical values according to the compounding rule.
Tailored response:   It is possible to respond to individual setting in line with customer specifications.

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage
Commercialization Completed (already delivered: yes)
Intellectual Property Right
Joint Researchers (their role)
Osaka University (role: simulation to analyze damage growth in advanced composite materials)
Kyoto Institute of Technology (role: evaluation technology of advanced composite materials)
University of Tokyo (role: technology, analysis and evaluation ono composite materials)
Nihon University (role: technology, analysis and evaluation on composite materials)
Doshisha University (role: technological support and evaluation on composite materials)
ICC/Kanazawa Institute of Technology (role: support in commercialization and mass production)
Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture (role: fiber opening technology
Example of Application
For sport goods, components for professional racing, components for consumer goods, components forgeneral industrial machinery, and others
Technical Problems
Collaborator needed to Improve
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Personnel / Department
/ Ph,D / President & CEO, Toshi Sugahara
12-1 Gennyo, Maruoka, Sakai-shi, Fukui, 910-0276 Japan
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Outline of Company and Organization

12-1 Gennyo, Maruoka, Sakai-shi, Fukui, 910-0276 Japan
Capital / No. of Employees
80,000,000 yen / 22 employees
Product Line
Fiber reinforced composite material / Base material (cloth material / knit material) Prepreg material (UD material / cloth material: thermosetting type / thermoplastic type) Preform material (2D: laminated board material / tailored stack, 3D: 3D formed product ・ ATL (tape lay-up) laminated product / partially reinforced product) FW molded product (CFRP high pressure container, high pressure pipe, etc., commissioned evaluation test (high pressure burst test, cycle test, etc.)
Major Customers
Related companies in the field of sports goods, automobiles, aviation, machinery, energy and mass transport equipment, CFRP molding companies, trading companies and sales companies, etc.
Overseas Base(s)
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Update date: 2020/1/30

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