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Intermediate Products Thermoplastic carbon fiber mesh material

Technical Classification:
[ Intermediate Products ]
[ Products / Processed Products ]
[ knit fabric ] [ Thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

Since the product uses a knit fabric as the reinforcement base material and a thermoplastic resin as the matrix, it excels in pressworkability and can be worked into a complex shape such as deep drawing. While having lightweight/high-rigidity characteristicsof carbon fiber composites, it also has breathability and flexibility of mesh material. The company succeeded in impregnating aknit-reinforced base material with a thermoplastic resin, which was previously difficult to achieve, by using a special thermoplasticresin.


・Enables mass production through cold pressing
・Working of complex shapes

Conventional Technology

In the case of common thermoplastic resin, the melt viscosity of resin washigh, and thus resin impregnation into knit fabric was difficult.In addition, mesh-like products could not be manufactured due to clogginggenerated in knit fabric.

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage
Commercialization Completed (already delivered: no)
Intellectual Property Right
Joint Researchers (their role)
SHINDO: base material production
Example of Application
Various cap inners, sport protectors, protective clothing, apparel (bags, shoes)
home fabric (desks, chairs), structures (tents, geotextile), etc.
Technical Problems
・Planning sale in both material selling, and molding selling at our company.
Collaborator needed to Improve
・Companies related to sports, outdoor, protective equipment, medical, and apparel
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Personnel / Department
Industrial Composite Materials & TEPreg Development Gr. Composite Development Dept. Composite Div. / Group Leader, Kazuya Eto
13-1 Nihonbashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027 Japan
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Outline of Company and Organization

13-1 Nihonbashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027 Japan
Capital / No. of Employees
5,000,000,000 yen / 3,200 employees (consolidated)
Product Line
Carbon fiber composite, pitch-based carbon fiber, semiconductor electronic industrial member, metal carrier
Major Customers
Overseas Base(s)
Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia
ISO9001 (composite company)
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Update date: 2020/2/12

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