Molding Building of infrastructure for the hydrogen society by using a type-4 (resin liner) 106 MPa compound vessel accumulator

Technical Classification:
[ Molding ]
[ Products / Processed Products ]
[ 106 MPa accumulator for hydrogen stations ] [ 45 MPa compound vessel for transport ] [ 70 MPa tank for FCV ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

・Drastic weight-saving is achieved by adopting a CFRP compound vessel instead of the conventional steel vessel containing chromium-molybdenum steel.  
・Substantial increase in reliability and safety with use of type-4 (resin liner) --- long-term use for 15 years can be achieved.
・Proposal for building an ultra-compact simplified hydrogen station and a transportation system by using Maruhachi’s compound vessel.
・Bold deregulation and legislation are needed.


Type-4 (made of resin liner) CFRP compound vessel accumulator with a design withstand pressure 107 MPa, minimum burst pressure 250 MPa, and normal temperature pressure cycles 100,000 cycles of more

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage
Development Stage (to be completed in 2018/3; progress: 65%)
Intellectual Property Right
Joint Researchers (their role)
Osaka University (role: design analysis of high-pressure vessels, analysis simulation for progress of damage to advanced composites)
Tokyo Metropolitan University (role: design analysis of compound vessels, evaluation technique)
University of Tokyo (role: technology, analysis and evaluation related to compound vessels)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (technical instructions on hydrogen barrier)
Example of Application
・106 MPa accumulator for hydrogen stations, 45 MPa compound vessel for transport, 70 MPa fuel tank for FCV
・Compact simplified hydrogen station, high-pressure hydrogen transport system
Technical Problems
・Companies/research institutes interested in the development of a 106 MPa accumulator, a 45 MPa compound vessel for transport and,
 a 70 MPafuel tank for automobiles
・Companies/research institutes interested in the research and development of a 45 MPa high-pressure hydrogen transport system
・Companies/research institutes interested in the research and development of an ultra-compact simplified hydrogen station
Collaborator needed to Improve
・Companies having technology related to high-pressure gas, and related companies having knowledge on processing technology such as
 a gas control technology and a control system
・Related companies having technology for use of renewable energy, research institutes such as universities
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Personnel / Department
/ Representative Director and Chairman, Masataka Sugahara, Ph.D
12-1 Gennnyo, Maruoka, Skai-city, Fukui-Pref, 910-0276, Japan
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Outline of Company and Organization

12-1 Gennyo, Maruoka, Sakai-shi, Fukui, 910-0276 Japan
Capital / No. of Employees
80,000,000 yen / 22 employees
Product Line
Fiber reinforced composite material / Base material (cloth material / knit material) Prepreg material (UD material / cloth material: thermosetting type / thermoplastic type) Preform material (2D: laminated board material / tailored stack, 3D: 3D formed product ・ ATL (tape lay-up) laminated product / partially reinforced product) FW molded product (CFRP high pressure container, high pressure pipe, etc., commissioned evaluation test (high pressure burst test, cycle test, etc.)
Major Customers
Related companies in the field of sports goods, automobiles, aviation, machinery, energy and mass transport equipment, CFRP molding companies, trading companies and sales companies, etc.
Overseas Base(s)
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Update date: 2020/2/26

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