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Robotics and control system for cutting the fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite used in the aircraft and automotive industries

Technical Classification:
[ Processing ]
[ Equipment / Facilities ]
[ composite ] [ cutting process ] [ FRP ] [ plastics ] [ Robotics and control system ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

The robotics and control system for replacing the conventional numerical control (NC) machine tool is provided for cutting the FRP composite and the plastic material. The dedicated CAD/CAM system allows for generating the tool path created from the 3D CAD data. The cost and the space for installation of equipment can be reduced as compared to those for the NC machine tool.


Approximately 30% reduction in the cost for installation of equipment
Approximately 50% reduction in the space for installation of equipment

Conventional Technology

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage Commercialization Completed (already delivered: no)
Joint Researchers (their role) Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
・Selecting milling tools by evaluating cutting performance
・Optimization of the process conditions in milling of the FRP composite with the robotics system
Example of Application ・Cutting (trimming, drilling of hole) of the CFRP and GFRP composites for aircraft and automotive components
Technical Problems ・Applicating to product three dimensional parts using a 3D printer and 3D data.
・Integrating the present prototype equipment with the software and other tools to expand business opportunity.
Collaborator needed to Improve Cutting tool manufactures.
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Personnel / Department / President, Yoshiaki Sakai
Address Nu57-1, Hitotsuharimachi, Komatsu-city, Ishikawa-Pref, 923-0043, Japan
Contact TEL: +81-761-21-6166
FAX: +81-761-21-6388

Outline of Company and Organization

Location u57-1, Hitotsuharimachi, Komatsu-city, Ishikawa-Pref, 923-0043, Japan
Contact TEL: +81-761-21-6166 FAX: +81-761-21-6388
Capital / No. of Employees20,000,000 yen・20 employees
Product LineJigs, robotics and control system
Major CustomersDAIHEN Co., Kawasaki Heavy Industry Ltd, Yasukawa Electric Co., Hanwa Co., Yamazen Co., GEOSTR Co., etc.
Overseas Base(s)Thailand
CertificationISO 9001(FM615309)
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Update date: 2020/2/2