Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center (ICC)

Development of molding process of composite materials having high productivity (continuous molding) through mass production and at low cost

Technical Classification:
[ Molding ] [ Processing ] [ Inspection & Analysis ]
[ HP-RTM ] [ intermediate substrate ] [ press molding ] [ secondary processing technology ] [ Thermoplastic CFRP ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

We have various kinds of developed prototype equipment and evaluated equipment such as continuous molding of thermoplastic FRP intermediate base material, press molding, RTM molding of thermosetting FRP, etc., and we will conduct joint research and development through cooperation with other companies such as material development, process development, equipment development etc. Also, we are planning to recruit tenant companies that conduct development such as feasible evaluations in the ICC extension area (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology : Regional Science and Technology Demonstration Center Development Project) to be completed in April, 2018.


Implementation of research and development using ICC's trial manufacturing devices and assessment facilities in collaboration among industry, universities and the government

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Development Stage Prototyping / experimental Stage (to be completed in 0/0; progress: 0%)
Intellectual Property Right Yes
Joint Researchers (their role) Both universities and companies provide seeds technologies, and joint researches are implemented.
Example of Application Research and development of optimum molding process in each industrial field for aircrafts, automobiles, transportation equipment, industrial equipment, civil engineering and construction is conducted in cooperation with companies.
Technical Problems ・Joint research, subcontract research
Collaborator needed to Improve ・Material makers, molding makers, device makers, research organization, etc.
Technical WEB pagehttps://www.icc-kit.jp/en/index.html


Personnel / DepartmentCOI Operations Group, Organization for Advancement of COI Research / Vision Strategy Team Leader, Yoshihiro Saito
Address 2-2 Yatsukaho, Hakusan, Ishikawa, 924-0838, Japan
Contact TEL: +81-76-276-3100
FAX: +81-76-276-3101

Outline of Company and Organization

Location 2-2 Yatsukaho, Hakusan, Ishikawa, 924-0838, Japan
Contact TEL: +81-76-276-3100 FAX: +81-76-276-3101
Capital / No. of Employees0 yen・15 research workers, engineers
Product Line
Major Customers
Overseas Base(s)
Company/Organization WEB pagehttp://www.icc-kit.jp/index.html

Update date: 2020/1/20