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Support of trial manufacturing of prepreg using a small amount of newly developed resin (including manufacturing of specimen)

Technical Classification:
[ Raw Materials ]
[ Products / Processed Products ] [ Service ]
[ a small amount of resin ] [ CFRP ] [ CFRTP ] [ cloth ] [ Prepreg ] [ resin film ] [ trial manufacturing support ] [ UD ]

Point of the Proposed Technology

(i) 1. Manufacturing of continuous prepreg (UD/cloth) with leading-edge resin
2. UD prepreg with a small amount of developed resin and manufacturing of laminated molded plate for specimen
3. Both solvent type and solventless type are available. 4. Epoxy, BT resin, cyanate, bismaleimide, etc.
(ii) 1. Manufacturing of CFRTP prepreg (PA, PP, PC)
2. Manufacturing of laminated molded plate for specimen (300 mm square)
3. Support of trial manufacturing using a small amount of material
(iii) 1.Trial production (by a fiber rewinder) of continuous UD prepregs with various types of fibers (carbon, glass, aramid, etc.)


(i) Contributing to reduction of disposal or waste of material/substrate
(ii) Use for basic demonstration of prepreg which will be required in CFRTP injection molding or the like Collaborator needed

Conventional Technology

New Technology

Technology Deployment and Cooperation

Intellectual Property Right None
Joint Researchers (their role) (ii) Provision of sample work to injection molding machine manufacturers
Example of Application (i) We support not only the development of resin but the manufacture of prepreg using new fiber or substrate.
(ii) Verification of moldability for CFRTP prepregs with different thicknesses
(iii) Prepreg manufacturing with addition of CNT and CNF
Technical Problems (i) Conclusion of NDA is required, in principle. If the molding behavior of resin is unknown when a new material is used, for example, we conduct due consultations with the customer before trial manufacturing.
(ii) For clients who need only resin films
Collaborator needed to Improve ・Manufacturers and R&D organizations in various fields developing new raw materials and substances in overall FRP
・Businesses in the molding industry that are in search for new raw materials
Technical WEB pagehttp://www.w-i-t.co.jp/products/prepreg.html


Personnel / Department / President, Kento Senda
Address 808-6 Mukouyama, Naka-shi, Ibaraki, 311-0102 Japan
Contact TEL: +81-29-295-4248
FAX: +81-29-295-7576

Outline of Company and Organization

Location 808-6 Mukouyama, Naka-shi, Ibaraki, 311-0102 Japan
Contact TEL: +81-29-295-4248 FAX: +81-29-295-7576
Capital / No. of Employees10,000,000 yen・3 employees
Product LineVarious kinds of prepregs, CFRTP, FRP laminated plate, etc.
Major CustomersManufacturers (chemical, automobile, etc.), laboratories
Overseas Base(s)None
Company/Organization WEB pagehttp://www.w-i-t.co.jp/

Update date: 2020/1/30